Benefits of Rammed Earth

There are several key benefits to building with stabilized rammed earth (SRE)walls:

Superior durability to other alternative masonry or earth wall systems. No need to worry about rain, snow or other factors, these walls will stand the test of time and are maintenance free.

Strength. Carrying heavy loads is not a problem for SRE walls, due to the nature of the material and building technique the walls are comparable in strength to concrete walls. Reinforcing steel is typically added as well making these walls good to not only carrying structural loads but are also earthquake resistant.

Beauty.  Timeless walls that add character to any building and have a wide range of creative applications. Walls can be rustic or refined, natural or colored in a variety of ways.

Environmental. A building that can last 500 or more years has high environmental value, not only through the energy saved during it’s life but also the fact that it will stand while conventional buildings are either demolished or renovated several times during the same lifespan.